Plaquex IV

artery disease diagram

The Plaquex formula was originally developed to dissolve fatty emboli during and after trauma surgery. It has since been proven to help many other things, including treating liver and kidney disease. This procedure is recommended to help replace essential nutrients, correct deficiencies, and for other therapeutic effects, such as, improving liver function, kidney function, and promoting anti-aging properties. This procedure may aid in the removal of fatty and hardened plaque build-up within the blood vessels.

Plaquex is used to help soft plaques in the arteries. It decreases the damage to the walls of the arteries caused by lipid peroxidation, which happens gradually as we age, and it helps to prevent further damage and may also improve the flexibility of aging blood vessels by improving the elasticity, shape, and function of the cells in the arterial walls. By removing soft plaques and increasing the flexibility of arteries, Plaquex improves circulation to all organs of the body, and may help prevent heart attacks, angina, strokes, diabetic complications, etc.

Plaquex treatments are about 90-minutes and will typically require up to 20-30 sessions, depending on the severity of your condition, with frequency usually being 1-2 times per week. After satisfactory progress is achieved, you may taper to a maintenance dose if you wish to keep circulation clear.

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