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Why is Genetic testing important to optimal health?

What if you could have a roadmap to a healthier you?

Advances in DNA research and technology are starting to explode on the health scene, providing foundational information about our bodies that we have never before had.

DNA testing can now provide personalized insights that allow us to make better decisions about our diet, fitness and health based on our unique genetic makeup. DNA testing is disrupting and enhancing the future of preventative health.

Have you ever wondered what diet is right for you? What workouts would bring you the best results? What about how your detox pathway’s function or your immune health and how supporting these genes can help with preventative diseases?

While diet and lifestyle choices greatly impact how your immune system responds to invading pathogens, did you know that genes play an important role in immune and detox function as well?

Unique genetic factors may impact how well you process immune-supporting nutrients, manage stress and regulate inflammation. Individual variations in genes may influence how you respond to viral infections.

By knowing your genetic variations, you can learn where you may be predisposed to good or poor immune-related traits.

test tube with dna

Your Actions Change Your Genetics

Well actually, they change your gene expression. This is called epigenetics. Your DNA code is your lifetime blueprint and you will never need to take another DNA test. How you live your life – ‘epigenetics’ -determines how that blueprint becomes your house – your body. Diet, exercise, stress, sleep, environment and more play an essential role in how your genes express themselves.

Learn all you can about your genetic makeup so you can take action to be the healthiest you. With over 70+ genetic variations tested, our DNA test is one of the most comprehensive and easy to understand DNA tests you can find for health, nutrition, fitness, and weight management.

By understanding your unique DNA make up, you can take lifestyle actions that support your good genes and guard against your weak ones. The earlier you know about your genetic makeup, the easier it is to match your diet and fitness choices to your unique body. By understanding your genetic profile, you can take smarter action steps to help yourself live a healthier life.

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