Food Sensitivity Testing

healthy gut

Food sensitivity testing helps let us know if certain foods are causing inflammation. We have found sensitivities are usually caused by an unhealthy or leaky gut and that removing those foods from your diet can help reduce inflammation while we help you restore healthy gut function.

Food sensitivity is not an allergy to food, food allergies are different from food sensitivities. Sensitivity refers to the body’s inability to process or digest certain foods. This sensitivity can lead to mild immune reactions and symptoms such as bloating, diarrhea, sluggishness, stomach pain, joint pain or skin problems. Food sensitivities can change over time as a person’s gut microbiome and immune system are improved.

Food sensitivity tests typically look for the presence of IgE antibodies as their presence usually indicates an immune system response.

This food sensitivity test requires a small blood draw that can be done at our office, by appointment only.

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