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Family Nurse Practitioner

Anna J’Nett Miller

is a Family Nurse Practitioner who specializes in integrative medicine for all ages. J’Nett has been in the health care field for over twenty years. She started as a dental assistant where she worked until her sister Celeste was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis. It was then that she decided to become a Registered Nurse with a passion to diminish or eliminate human suffering. Every step of her sister’s journey has led her to becoming a Family Nurse Practitioner so she could help others.

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Desert Bloom Healthcare Doctor

Anna J’Nett Miller APRN FNP-C

Anna J’Nett Miller APRN FNP-C

J’Nett is a Family Nurse Practitioner who specializes in functional and integrative medicine. She takes a more natural approach and focuses on getting to the root cause of hormone imbalance, fatigue and pain. After her sister Celeste was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis, she decided to become a Registered Nurse. Every step of her sister’s journey has led her to becoming a Family Nurse Practitioner so she could diminish and eliminate human suffering.


Cori - RN

Cori - RN

Cori grew up in a small Utah town where she also raised her sons. Once they graduated, she relocated to St. George to start a new adventure!

For Cori, becoming a nurse runs a close second to being a mom; it has been one of the most rewarding decisions she has made in her life. She has broadened her skills over the last 24 years serving in many different areas, such as: labor and delivery, ER, surgical, geriatric, newborn, wound care and management. It has taught her so much about the value of human connection and she absolutely loves it!

In her spare time, she can be found spending time with her amazing children. She loves adventure, whether it be camping, boating, riding, going to the beach, vacationing, crafting, or even just getting to spend time with her two dogs and cat, who she lovingly refers to as her fur babies.

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Kirsten- Medical Assistant

Kirsten- Medical Assistant

Kirsten was raised in Sandy Utah until her junior year of High School when her family relocated to the beautiful St. George area. She has a passion for serving and helping people, which can be seen in her desire to join the medical field early on. She became an EMT right out of High School, working in the ER and running the ambulance. For 20 years her love and compassion for people could be felt as she worked at a Family Practice Doctors office and Instacare. Most recently she served in recovery as a Medical Technician and joined our team as our Medical Assistant.


Suzanne Jensen - Certified Health Coach

Suzanne Jensen - Certified Health Coach

At age 17, Suzy was diagnosed with an autoimmune condition that altered the course of her life. She believed her body could heal, so she spent the next 20 years seeking answers that would support her body in healing. Her journey led her to study nutrition, herbs, supplements, meditation, energy healing, reflexology, and become a certified health coach. She is grateful for her journey to wholeness as it has given her the tools to not only achieve wellness but to also help others in a compassionate and functional way.

Being a patient of J’Nett at Desert Bloom gave her the final pieces she needed to feel whole. This is a full circle moment for her as she is now here at Desert Bloom as our health coach. She feels grateful to be here and excited to assist you on your journey to wholeness.

Suzy has a Bachelors in Liberal Arts, is a Reiki master, foot zone practitioner, and is trained in the Simply Aligned Method for Energy Balance. When she is not helping others shift their energy and life, she enjoys cooking delicious, healthy food, spending time hanging out with her five kids, hiking, playing tennis or pickleball and reading books that answer her burning questions!

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Jonell Rossman - RN

Jonell Rossman - RN

Jonell has joined our staff and, in addition to IV therapy, will be working to help you enhance your natural beauty with the safe and effective treatments we offer here at Desert Bloom Healthcare. She is excited to serve our patients and help you boost your self-confidence and overall health.

Jonell grew up in Cedar City. She moved to St. George just over 4 years ago and loves the new adventure the warm weather brings. She is happily married and the mother of 2 beautiful daughters. Her oldest was born with multiple heart defects which is what sparked her intense interest in the healthcare field. She has a passion for patient advocacy that only grew when she began working for home health and hospice.

She joined the healthcare community 12 years ago when she received her CNA and Phlebotomist certifications. She continued, receiving her LPN and eventually finished with her BSN, RN.

Jonell has always had a heart for people and being a registered nurse has allowed her to serve her community and empower her patients to feel their best, inside and out.

When she’s not working, she can be found camping, snowboarding, or traveling with her family.

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Sydney Birch - Receptionist/Social Media

Sydney Birch - Receptionist/Social Media

Sydney was born in Murray, UT and raised here in sunny St. George. She is a wellness enthusiast and has dedicated 16 years of her life to gymnastics. This lifelong pursuit not only instilled discipline but also fostered a profound connection to the intricacies of the human body. She has cultivated a deep appreciation for holistic health and became a certified yoga teacher in 2021. She is now embarking on the journey of becoming a holistic health coach, specializing in hormones.

Sydney enjoys being outside in the warmth of the sun and loves to cook nourishing meals in the kitchen. Her heart finds its greatest joy in spending quality time with her fiancé and building their life together. They share a love for home DIY projects, cooking, and are coffee enthusiasts.

Sydney plays a vital role as the receptionist here at Desert Bloom Healthcare and in addition creates content and manages all of our social media platforms. Sydney loves greeting our patients and is thrilled to share her passion for holistic health with others and aspires to inspire and support the people she meets on their unique wellness journeys!

cydney forsyth

Cydney Forsyth - Master Esthetician

Cydney Forsyth - Master Esthetician

Growing up in small town Nebraska, Cydney cultivated a profound passion for nurturing the well-being of others. Cydney attended Acaydia School of Aesthetics in Provo, Utah, where she honed her skills and gained a profound understanding of the transformative influence that beauty wields in the world.

As a dedicated Master Aesthetician, Cydney is unwavering in her commitment to instilling confidence and fostering self-assurance in every individual she encounters. Her expertise extends beyond mere aesthetics; she is a positive and hard worker not just in healing appearances but also uplifting spirits.

Post-graduation, Cydney strategically chose St. George as the backdrop for her career. This city, with its captivating allure, has become both her workplace and a source of profound inspiration. Within the realm of aesthetics, Cydney combines precision and artistry to deliver unparalleled results.

Outside the clinic, Cydney indulges in the pursuit of knowledge and wellness. Her leisure moments are spent traversing outdoors on hikes, runs, and Jeep trails. When at home, she immerses herself in her favorite books and movies.

In grateful recognition of the opportunity to contribute to the field of aesthetics in St. George, Cydney remains poised to actualize her vision of enhancing the lives of those she encounters here at Desert Bloom Health Care.

Out of necessity I created my own health and wellness center.

I opened my own natural health and wellness clinic because of my beautiful sister Celeste…

At the young age of nineteen, Celeste was diagnosed with a very aggressive form of Multiple Sclerosis (MS). After being frustrated with the traditional healthcare system, my mom started researching more integrative practitioners that could help my sister more effectively and prolong her quality of life. She found a couple of practitioners that took a more holistic approach to her care and we felt like it slowed the progression of her disease. Soon after, I started nursing school and I was able to learn additional ways to help my mom care for my sister. I wanted only the best for her and studied as much as I could to learn even more.

As I progressed in my nursing career, I started learning from different providers who taught me a more holistic and integrative way to care for patients. Working in the hospital, I saw so much suffering and I knew I could make a difference with this valuable approach to healthcare. I wanted to make a difference, to help find the answers my patients were looking for.

I became an integrative healthcare provider because of my own personal experiences and the experiences of those around me. I started Desert Bloom Healthcare so people can have a better healthcare experience. I want my patients to feel listened to and heard. I want them to know there is hope! Too many times patients come to me who have gone to another provider and they are frustrated and upset because they were told they were fine. They just don’t understand how they could feel so awful but everything in their blood work or exam showed they were fine. I also have patients who tell me their stories and are shocked that I “believe” them. It takes time and listening skills to hear what is really going on. Unfortunately, our current healthcare system does not give providers the time to listen to their patients, some only have a mere fifteen minutes to figure out what the problem is. It’s impossible to get the whole picture in that short amount of time.

Sometimes a prescription may be needed, I have never been opposed to that. That being said, I have found that trying to get to the root cause of people’s issues can help alleviate symptoms sometimes without the need for medications. Many patients search for answers from me because they aren’t getting the answers from their providers. I take the time to research and dig deep to find the answers to each of my patients problems. I practice individualized care; everyone is different and that requires different treatment. I help my patients find out what they need to heal.

No one is immune from health issues. I myself have struggled with fatigue, gut issues, cancer, anxiety, and depression. I understand how hard it can be to get to that “good place.” I went to my medical doctor searching for answers on how to help my fatigue. They tested me and told me I was fine, everything was normal, but I knew it wasn’t! I was deflated. I went to my trusted doctor for answers and he had nothing for me.

I remember my initial visit with my integrative practitioner, I literally cried in his office I was so relieved that he found something wrong with me! I felt even more relieved that he gave me a clear path of what do about it. After I had such a life-changing experience, I knew I wanted to help others get the same relief I had received. My integrative provider saw my eagerness to help others and encouraged me to get my nurse practitioner license and now, I had the energy to go through the schooling I needed to get it! I know without his help and the help of natural medicine I would’ve been stuck in that horrible place and would have never had the ability to open my own natural health and wellness center.

My goal is to give everyone that comes into my office the quality of life they deserve. So I am telling you from my own experience, you know your body and if something FEELS wrong, something IS wrong.

So let’s talk about it!

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