Neural Therapy

Exploring the Potential of Neural Therapy

Chronic pain is a major problem in our society. Illness and dysfunction are almost always preceded by a dysfunction of the autonomic response system.

Neural therapy is an alternative medicine modality that involves the injection of scars, trigger points, glands, peripheral nerves, ligaments and autonomic ganglia with a local anesthetic, Procaine. This practice is based on the belief that energy flows freely through the body and that injury, scar tissue, disease, malnutrition, and stress disrupt the energy flow and create disturbances in the electrochemical function of tissues creating energy imbalances and issues in your body.

medical ampoules and syringe

Is a Neural Injection Painful?

For many of our patients, the discomfort of a neural injection treatment is the equivalent of a mosquito bite. However, for others the pain can be much more intense.

The amount of pain you’ll experience from the injection comes down to the sensitivity of the area being injected, thickness of any scar tissue and the the depth of injection required to treat the area.

How Many Injections are Required?

The number of injections required varies from person to person, but most patients require 3 to 6 injections.

The good news is, many of our patients with chronic pain and health conditions notice that subsequent injections are more effective and the benefits last longer than the initial treatment.