Homeopathic Injections

Homeopathic injections aid in the management of trauma or arthritis

Homeopathic injections are natural anti-inflammatory substances that can be used in areas of trauma or arthritis. They stimulate the body’s natural healing process to reduce pain as well as strengthen joints, tendons, and muscles. They provide a natural way of addressing illnesses and pain.

These effective remedies are a specialty in the medical field that promote the use of natural ingredients in small amounts to target pain and illness. Unlike the traditional treatment options that involve system drugs, homeopathy does not pose any risk of side effects to the patients. However, the most appropriate and effective way to apply homeopathy is through injections.

vfx joint and knee pain augmented reality render. close up of a person experiencing discomfort in a result of leg trauma or arthritis. massaging the muscles to ease the injury.

Our Treatments

Here at Desert Bloom Healthcare, we use 2 types of homeopathic injections: Traumeel & Zeel Injections.

Traumeel injections are useful for trauma and injury treatment. The injections provide a natural means to reduce inflammation in your joints. These homeopathic injections are extremely popular among patients who experience pain that prevents them from enjoying a fulfilling and active lifestyle. These injections are often used by injured athletes to help recovery after surgery.

Experiencing Arthritis and Chronic Pain?

If you’re experiencing arthritis and chronic pain, Zeel injections may provide you with a quick solution. This type of homeopathic injection plays a crucial role in targeting specific joints in your body to reduce pain and improve range of motion. They are also useful in the treatment of stiffness that is usually associated with osteoarthritis, arthrosis, and rheumatic joint illnesses. Zeel injections are frequently used alongside Traumeel injections to give patients temporary relief of chronic pain.